Packing List: Santorini

The negative media spotlight on Greece hasn’t curbed my desire to visit Santorini and that’s probably for the best, given that the country relies heavily on tourist dollars. It’s basically my duty as an upstanding global citizen to book a trip, right?

Sadly, I don’t have plans to jet set to the Aegean Sea (unlike Fran!), but that’s not stopping me from packing my fantasy suitcase. Now, before you say anything, I know. Blue and white for Santorini? Groundbreaking. I can’t help it, though, the classic color scheme makes for a versatile capsule wardrobe and just imagine how pretty blue dresses (like these) will look in photos!

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Beach Dress | Cocktail Ring | Sandals | Matching Top and Skirt | Fitbit Cover | Sunglasses | Clutch | Swimsuit

  • Closet Fashionista

    Perfection!! Now I want to go back to Santorini! Ha ha. Such lovely blue pieces :)

  • jillian

    i would go back to santorini in a heartbreak! it’s so beautiful and im a sucker for blue + white! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  • Meghan Hayes

    All the blue is gorgeous! Greece is definitely on my list for my next European trip. But I want to be able to hang out in Europe for months. I hate going and having to come back in a week. It’s not worth it.

    • Jessica

      I had a rough time convincing my manager that three weeks off next year was okay. If only the U.S. was on board with extended vacations! It’s so enriching.

  • Lyddiegal

    Blue and white is perfect for ANYWHERE, so really, who cares about a little cliche? And yes, that would be a dreamy vacation. Honestly for me, any vacation would be pretty dreamy right now.

    Chic on the Cheap

    • Jessica

      You really haven’t been anywhere in awhile, have you? I think you and the man friend need to fix that STAT. (Easier said than done, I know!)

  • Rebekah Stark

    it IS our duty as global citizens to go to Greece! especially in that top and skirt set!

  • Rachelle

    this matching set stole my heart


  • Yolonda Washington

    Love the matching set

  • Michele M

    You packed your fantasy suitcase perfectly. Blue and white is a wonderful color combination. :)

  • sherry @ save. spend. splurge.

    I love the stripes but that top.. is way too revealing for me! LOL.. however it matches my dress…