Style Staple: Rain Boots


I’d hate to utter the F-word, but fall will be here before we know it. (I even received a September magazine in the mail on Tuesday.) A pair of pretty rain boots is the silver lining on those cool, damp days of autumn. I’m loving the preppy versions at Joules, especially the pair with the mustard-colored bow. 

1. Navy Dog Wellies, $72 // 2. Navy Evedon Wellies, $167 // 3. Black Evedon Wellies, $167 // 4. Navy Spot Wellies, $72 // 5. Navy Pheasant Wellies, $72


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In the Know: Gifted Jewelry

Of all of the gems in my jewelry box, I don’t pay nearly enough attention to rubies. It’s a shame because July’s birthstone is an interesting one:

  • The world’s largest ruby gemstone is the Burmese ruby at 23.1 carats. You can view it at the Museum of Natural History in D.C.
  • The word “ruby” is from the Latin word for red: “rubens.”
  • In Asian countries, rubies were buried under the foundation of buildings for good fortune.
  • Rubies can be more valuable than colorless diamonds.
  • Rubies are only slightly softer than diamonds, registering a 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness.
  • Rubies can range from orange-red to purplish red. Even though color is a matter of personal preference, the most highly prized rubies are the true red versions. 

I was recently introduced to Gifted Jewelry, an online shop with a wide selection of gemstones (including ruby jewelry). I especially love this cocktail-sized ruby ring, but if you’re looking for something more refined this ruby necklace is an elegant option.

Shop It: 1. Earrings // 2. Ring // 3. Earrings // 4. Necklace // 5. Earrings // 6. Bracelet

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Inspire It | Wear It

Four things contribute to a satisfying holiday season: gatherings of loved ones, gobs of glittery ornaments, glasses filled with holiday spirits, and, of course, a fabulous frock is a must! The new-to-me site, MissesDressy, has cocktail dresses in every shape and sequin color imaginable (and prom dresses to suggest to the younger ladies this spring). 

I’m one click away from ordering those glamorous cocktail picks. They’ll look divine on the bar cart I have yet to acquire.

Shop It: Kate Spade ornament // cocktail picks // Zara Home glass // MissesDressy dress // Bijoux Heart earrings // Gianvito Rossi shoes

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