Summer Bucket List


Summer always seems to fly by and come September, I’m left wondering how I managed to squander the nicest months of the year. No more! Here’s our 2015 list of summer must-dos:

  1. Visit two new cities. (Cincinnati is already on the books for this weekend.)
  2. Play hooky for an entire midweek day to lounge at the pool…
  3. …and leave work a few hours early at least once a month in favor of pool time.
  4. Spend a day at the waterpark.
  5. Go to to a drive-in theater.
  6. Bike to a brewery or bar. (This one is going to take some practice. I haven’t been on a bike more than once in the last two years! I’d actually like to get in the habit of going on weekly bike rides with Dave after work.)
  7. Enjoy an evening at the Memorial Union Terrace.
  8. Watch the fireworks.
  9. Try five new-to-us restaurants and/or bars.
  10. Plan (and hopefully book) another trip to Europe. (This isn’t summer-specific, but I’d like to reserve something since the exchange rate is so low.)
  11. Head to a beer fest.
  12. Play mini golf.
  13. Spend a weekend in Milwaukee.
  14. Go to a baseball game.
  15. Plant an herb garden on our balcony (or, at the very least, something green).
  16. Eat cotton candy.
  17. Buy fresh produce at the farmers’ market at least once a month.
  18. Ride on a Ferris wheel.
  19. Visit my parents in northern Wisconsin.
  • Rachelle

    great list I need to print this.

  • Blaire Bingham

    This is a great list. I feel like summer flies by so fast, so I should definitely make my own list.
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  • Closet Fashionista

    Yayy! Such a great bucket list! My Summer is already filling up, but I really want to visit a friend in California, not sure that’s going to happen though, they have to invite me first 😉

  • Lauren {Fizz & Frosting}

    This is a great list! I’d love to visit new cities this Summer and hit up the farmer’s market more!
    Fizz and Frosting

  • Simply Sarah

    I don’t know how you feel about BBQs, but salmon on the grill in the summer is a must in my book! I love your list and will probably have to add a few of your items to my to-dos! Can’t wait to hear how it all goes! Thanks for sharing!
    Peace, Sarah

  • jillian

    i love your list! milwaukee is such a fun place in the summer! do they still do jazz in the park?! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  • Kimi

    Ooh! I should totally make a list like this because I’m the same way. I always want to do so much during the summer and then never get to do everything. I so wish I could afford to go to Europe right now! I was there in 2011 when the exchange rate was the WORST and it would be nice to go back and not spend twice as much as it seems like I’m spending, haha.

    xo Kimi

  • Lyddiegal

    I love this list – and I feel like I should create one. Summer always goes so quick and I am left wishing I’d taken greater advantage.

    Chic on the Cheap

  • Leesh

    I’m with you on #6 and 15. I recently got a bike and it’s been 17 years since I last rode on one.

    This list is a great idea. I’m going to create one too!