As I mentioned here, the dress I wanted to wear to last weekend’s wedding didn’t allow the luxury of breathing room. Upon this discovery, I may have flung myself on the bed in a fit of dramatized despair before I took it to the Internet and weighed my options: a girdle or a new dress.

A new dress.

I looked at hundreds of dresses and each time the selection left me underwhelmed, I increased my budget and began again. (At one point, I decided $500 would be absolutely reasonable to spend on a panic purchase.) Obviously it was a long night, but I finally found this Erin Fetherston dress on Amazon. It’s everything a cocktail dress should be: feminine, whimsical and irresistibly sweet.

Lemons into lemonade. 



Featured: Erin Fetherston dress // vintage bracelets // gifted ShoeMint heels* // no name clutch from T.J. Maxx

*I actually wore silver flats to the main event. My dance moves can’t be encumbered by stilettos.

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Currently Coveting

Right now, I’m coveting:

  • Erin Fetherston’s lipstick prints
  • The most wonderful lobster brooch
  • Blue quartz stud earrings (but if you prefer a different stone, there are 12 more to choose from)
  • A sweater that’s destined to become a weekend staple
  • A welcoming piece of art for my office
  • This refreshing lemon grass candle
  • A collaboration I can get behind: Kate Spade paired up with The Lake & Stars for a lingerie collection (my favorites are the bra and tap pant)

And, of course, I’m coveting a Valentine’s Day spent with Dave. 

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