Instant Replay: 2012

January: Enjoyed Madison’s Restaurant Week. Purchased a blue scarf that’s still one of my favorites. Displayed the brass pineapple Dave bought me for Christmas 2011.

February: Wore a lot of coral-colored items. Celebrated Valentine’s Day. Splurged on a weekly bouquet of tulips.

March: Went to Fort Lauderdale. Collected shells at Blowing Rocks Preserve in Jupiter, Florida. Lounged beachside. 

April: Wore sparkly shoes for date nights. Had the most wonderful lavender cocktail in Milwaukee. Said goodbye to my childhood home.

May: Went out for cocktails after the farmers’ market. Enjoyed a bouquet of birthday flowers. Visited Louisville, Kentucky (and fell in love with the south).

June: Rode on a carousel. Loved this image on a downtown food truck. Went to the carnival in search of cotton candy.

July: Spent the afternoon on a friend’s boat. Shared a drink. Enjoyed four fireworks displays.

August: Celebrated my cousin’s marriage. Stopped in Lake Geneva for an impromptu afternoon escape. Dipped my toes in the pool.

September: Purchased a pair of glittery loafers. Admired fall color. Cheered for the Badgers. 

October: Reveled in fall decor. Watched the leaves fall. Masqueraded as Holly Golightly for Halloween.

November: Traveled to Washington, D.C. Spent a week at the nation’s capital. Sipped seasonal beverages.  

December: Picked out our Christmas tree. Decked the halls. Wished you a happy holiday.

Thanks for following along and making 2012 a year to remember! I’d love to keep in touch with you on Instagram @bedknobsandbaubles.