New Year’s Resolutions

This year, I will:

  1. Learn to make Thai food. We order Thai multiple times each month. But $30 for each meal (delivered, of course) really adds up. It can’t be that hard to make on my own, right? 
  2. Pad my savings account. I’ve chosen a goal that’s ambitious, yet realistic, and I’ve determined the amount to tuck away each month. There will be less impulse spending and fewer dinners out, but it’s more important to have resources for “rainy days.” (Or a down payment on a home someday!)
  3. Go on vacation! 
  4. Lose 20 pounds. The scale has slowly been creeping up over the last two years. With my 30th birthday this year, it’s time to put more emphasis on being healthy. I started P90X on Monday (ouch!) and have signed up for Weight Watchers. Losing the weight before May 30 seems doable. 
  5. Shop like an editor. Curb impulse purchases. Carefully consider what I’m purchasing and why I’m purchasing it. Think about how each item will work in my wardrobe. Curate a closet of quality items. Invest in classics and unique statement pieces (they keep things fun). Use a budget of $200 each month as a guideline, but allow that to rollover into the next month to save for big ticket items. Report back with what I’ve purchased each month as a way to keep myself accountable. 
  6. Purchase a bar cart.
Do you make annual resolutions? What would you like to accomplish this year?

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