In the Know


I usually buy a new travel-size perfume before we head on vacation. It’s a small (yet effective) way to bring back vivid memories of the getaway long after we’ve come home. It’s also why Philosophy’s margarita body wash conjures up memories of a harsh California sunburn and Pucci’s Acqua 330 takes me back to the first vacation I took with Dave just months after meeting

I’ve recently been introduced to Callio Fragrance, a NYC-based company founded on the belief that scent can bring back special moments. Callio Fragrance offers seven signature scents, all concocted by hand. I was given the opportunity to try Melee and Kiele. I knew I’d fall for Melee’s combination of lime, coconut and lemongrass (three of my favorite fragrances), but I didn’t expect to prefer the lush florals of Kiele. I usually avoid florals since they can be a bit matronly, but this one is young and fresh. In fact, it’s already packed in my travel bag for South Carolina (we leave in 10 days!). I can’t wait for the memories this one brings back months later. 

Featured: gifted Callio fragrance // gifted Julie Vos earrings