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Lately, I’m loving flats for their casual elegance, ladylike charm and uncompromising practicality. These four have been in heavy rotation over the last few weeks. Clockwise from top: Forever21, Kate Spade (similar), Ferragamo, Joie

In other news, Nordstrom’s Half-Yearly Sale started. I’ve got my eye on four pairs of flats (here, here, here and here) and one pair of gorgeous heels

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Sartorial Spending: February 2013 

My “quality over quantity” New Year’s resolution isn’t going that well. I’m actually a little embarrassed by how much I spent in February, but I’ll pretend it didn’t happen if I don’t fess up. Changing my mindset about shopping is difficult with so much temptation and emphasis on fast fashion. I’ve been trying to use the first half of the month to research items, but then my self control fizzles mid-month.

Here’s the rundown with taxes, shipping, gift cards and discounts accounted for:

Vintage Clutch - $28
There are a lot of designer raffia and straw clutches this season, but you can find vintage versions on eBay for a fraction of the price. I love the floral one I came across (and I kind of adore that the flower clasp reminds me of the Mulberry one).

J.Crew Tee, Shorts - $71
I thought this tee would be adorable with this pair of green shorts. And it is. And it’ll look cute on vacation this spring. (And I wish I had a better reason for purchasing them than that.)

Banana Republic Factory Store Scarf - $25
I didn’t need this scarf; I just liked the pattern. 

Not Pictured: Sam Edelman Sandals - $44
I wore my Sam Edelman’s "Gigi" sandals (in almond patent) nearly everyday for the last two summers. My old pair is looking pretty ragged, so a replacement was necessary.

Not Pictured: Banana Republic Factory Store Sweater - $20
During a shopping excursion, Dave and I inadvertently purchased his and hers striped sweaters (here’s the Instagram). The last thing I need is another striped shirt, but the red color blocked top made it interesting.

Not Pictured: Ann Taylor Shoes - $41
classic pump, pretty color and interesting texture. How could I resist? I didn’t, especially after using a Christmas gift card to cover most of the cost. I hadn’t worn Ann Taylor pumps before, but they’re incredibly comfortable. (You can see more photos here.)

Not Pictured: Gap Underpinnings - $50
I was all set to overhaul my lingerie drawer last month before I discovered that Victoria’s Secret discontinued my beloved Biofit bra. I’m trying Gap’s uplift bra. So far, so good. I also bought a lime green lace bra and matching boy shorts.

Total Spent: $279

Not Included in the monthly budget: Ferragamo Flats - $448
A pair of Ferragamo flats was my annual “Tax Return Splurge” and, as you’d expect, my most loved item of the month. I had a major Cinderella moment when I slipped them on for the first time. The fit is perfect and the creamy red patent leather makes for a classic, versatile flat. This pair of shoes is my inspiration to stick with my New Year’s resolution … at least for March (baby steps).

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Valentine’s Day is a fun excuse to go over the top with loving gestures, eat as many mini cupcakes as possible, and wear red shoes. Dave surprised me with a Swarovski trinket box. It’s such a glamorous way to store delicate jewelry. I gave him this cordovan money clip wallet (without the logo) that’s handmade in Milwaukee and lobster-print boxers to match my pajama pants. Matching pjs is definitely a sign of true love.

There are more moments from yesterday on Instagram

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Every year, I use a portion of my tax return to splurge on a sartorial item I wouldn’t otherwise purchase. The first year was a DVF wrap dress, the next was a YSL arty ring (back when it was still $195), then a Rebecca Minkoff MAC bag, followed by two years of Kate Spade "Karolina" pumps. I’ve never regretted any of these investment pieces and I’m especially thrilled with this year’s item: a pair of timeless Ferragamo “Varina” flats.

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