Instant Replay: March 2013

Treated myself to a bouquet of tulips (my favorite flower). Indulged in the prettiest Lilly Pulitzer dress (seen here). Rediscovered an old JewelMint necklace. Spent a sick day curled up with Bacon. Welcomed this Wendy Mink necklace into my wardrobe (c/o). Tried a new brewery town. Sipped a refreshing cocktail on St. Patrick’s Day instead of drinking green beer. Couldn’t believe my luck when I found a coveted coat on eBay (seen here). Wore just a hint of mint.   

Visited friends in the Twin Cities and stopped by the Fulton Brewing Company. Splurged on a Lulu Frost necklace. Tried a recipe that makes just two chocolate chip cookies. Wore a chipper nautical scarf from Lilac Bijoux (c/o). Played dress up in that Lilly Pulitzer dress before taking it to the tailor. Layered delicate bracelets with a masculine watch. Went overboard with my favorite lip color (Revlon Lip Butter in “Sweet Tart”). Spent a snowy day admiring jewelry from Julie Vos (c/o). Ate a lot of Easter candy.

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Instant Replay: November 2012

Packed our bags. Vacationed in D.C. Acquired vintage ornaments and new candy-colored earrings. Loved this building in Alexandria. Voted. Enjoyed the capital city. Treated myself to flowers. Walked miles in Washington in gold boat shoes. Ate at Pizzeria Paradiso (three times!).

Welcomed new shoes. Admired my mom’s glass pumpkin collection. Bought mittens on Black Friday (my only purchase that day). Paired turquoise with red. Enjoyed an apple ale and the latest Bon Appetit. Watched snow fall at my parents’ house. Wore sparkles … and mint with polka dots. Strung Christmas lights.

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Instant Replay: October 2012

Indulged in a magenta bag. Dressed up as a sleepy Holly Golightly. Layered on baubles. Found a brilliant pea coat at Ann Taylor LOFT. Sipped an afternoon beer. Cheered for the Badgers. Baked Halloween cupcakes. Looked forward to Christmas with a new ornament. Adored bouquets from Dave.

Sampled an array of pumpkin microbrews. Lingered over lunch. Added vintage gems to my collection. Admired fall color. Enjoyed fall’s simple pleasures. Relished wearing pink. Relied on the classics. Tucked lipstick into a foxy bag. Donned a new ring courtesy of Gorjana. 

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Instant Replay: September 2012

Mulled over a colorful decision. Enjoyed the fragrance of a new candle. Splurged on glittery loafers. Celebrated a friend’s engagement. Stopped at an adorable cheese shop. Wore a pair of ultra-sparkly earrings. Layered a new necklace with an old favorite. Donned a striped coat. Introduced these earrings to my wardrobe.

Surprised Dave with strawberry muffins. Paired those loafers with everything. Decorated with mini pumpkins. Rooted for the Badgers. Used a vintage Coach purse. Admired fall color. Twirled in mint heels. Adored this quirky glass. Bought a pair of foxy earrings.

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