Sartorial Spending: March 2013

I was joking with Dave that this should be named my “shopping problem” series and by the looks of things this month, that’s not too far off. Any intention I had of staying on budget was gone the moment I spotted the Lilly Pulitzer dress. You can’t deny true love, right? 

Here’s the rundown with taxes, shipping, gift cards and discounts accounted for:

Lilly Pulitzer dress - $248
We have a wedding to attend in May and while I really wanted to buy something over the top, this feminine Lilly Pulitzer dress was a more versatile option for spring and summer. It was still a splurge, but at least the cost-per-wear will be less than a cocktail dress. (I’m also planning to wear this for my birthday in May on our Charleston getaway.)

Banana Republic coat - $40
I went on about my eBay score in this post. I won’t rehash it, but I’m still delighted with my new-to-me spring coat.

Not Pictured Old Navy floral boxers - $9
I stopped at Old Navy on the hunt for the lemon-print boxers. Our store didn’t have them in stock, so I left with a floral pair. At least it was a cheap impulse purchase.

Gap jacquard shorts - $45
I swear, “pink dressy shorts” really were on my spring must-buy list! Obviously I haven’t had a chance to wear these yet, but I’m hoping that I’ll reach for them quite a bit in the coming months. They’ll be especially cute with a slouchy grey sweater for afternoon drinks. (I’m tempted by the matching jacket, but that might be overkill!)

Jeweliq floral bracelet - $20
This bracelet is so cute, but it was such an impulsive buy. 

Lulu Frost necklace - $155
I obsessed over this necklace since it appeared in the February issue of Glamour magazine and finally took the plunge knowing I’d be devastated if it sold out. Unfortunately, the clasp broke the first full day I wore it. I didn’t want to deal with the hassle of exchanging it, so the Lulu Frost team graciously sent over a new clasp. It was an easy fix and it’s as good as new. Aside from that minor hiccup, the necklace is beautiful. I’ve already worn it with everything from a sweatshirt to a black dress.

Banana Republic black dress - $46
Would you believe that I didn’t own a LBD? I received an invitation to a friend’s bachelorette party requesting that everyone wear black. Usually I’m exaggerating when I look into my closet and woefully sigh that I have nothing to wear, but this time I really didn’t have something. I ordered this black dress from Banana Republic (a promo code and my credit card rewards brought the price down considerably). I’m actually looking forward to wearing it with my new Lulu Frost necklace, an anorak jacket and gold boat shoes.

Total Spent: $563 (Yikes!)

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Sartorial Spending: January 2013

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to be more thoughtful about my clothing and accessory purchases - and to hold myself accountable by reporting back to you. Overall, I’m satisfied with how January went, even though I purchased a lot of items. (Honestly, it was more than I thought it was at the time.) In February, I’d like to make more of an effort to put most of my money toward fewer items that I’ll cherish, instead of a handful of cheaper things.

Kate Spade Lawn Party Straw Purse - $42
This Kate Spade purse was my first sartorial purchase of 2013 and, as with all Gilt sales, it flew in the face of my resolution to make thoughtful purchasing decisions. That said, I’m glad I bought it. I don’t have anything like it in my closet and I’m sure it’ll get a lot of use this spring.

Forever 21 Scarves - $15
I went to Forever21 two days after seeing Fran’s Instagram of their spring scarves. (What can I say? I’m impressionable.) I purchased the mint and pink versions, and I had been wearing them nonstop before the weather became too frigid for anything other than wool. 

J.Crew Tile Necklace - $49
This was my most thoughtful purchase of the month, so it should come as no surprise that it’s also my favorite. I featured the tile necklace as the "Bauble of the Week" back in December. I looked at it every few days online, and imagined what I’d wear it with. At that point, I knew I’d be devastated if it sold out. (It’s no longer available on J.Crew, but it is on Net-a-Porter, if you’re interested.)

J.Crew Tippi Sweater - $25
When I ordered the tile necklace, I also purchased this dress. I knew it was a gamble since loose shift dresses are rarely flattering on me, but I just had to try. As expected, it turned out to be a pretty bad look on a girl with hips. I brought it back to J.Crew, but didn’t leave empty-handed. This is now my fifth Tippi sweater. The cut is perfect, it’s an office wardrobe staple, and lavender is becoming my favorite spring color this year.

Not Pictured: Old Navy T-Shirt, Pajama Pants, Dress - $30
I stopped at Old Navy specifically to buy the lobster-print pajama pants, and left with a t-shirt and a striped dress. I have a dozen of these t-shirts and they hold up remarkably well through countless washings. The dress is the only purchase I’m still disappointed with. When I first bought it, I was smitten with how flattering it was … until I wore it for a day. It stretched out quite a bit in the arms and shoulders.

Not Pictured: Banana Republic Skirt, T-Shirt - $55
We’re planning a trip to South Carolina at the end of May and these purchases were made with that trip in mind. A flouncy red-orange skirt (with pockets!) perks up my wardrobe and will look adorable exploring Charleston. I also picked up a white timeless tee. I didn’t already own a basic white tee, and this one is substantial enough that it’s not sheer.

Total Spent: $216

Are you keeping track of your spending this year? How’s it going? 

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When I was young, I wanted to marry someone whose last name started with an H just so I wouldn’t have to change my monogram. Of course I’ve outgrown that impractical requirement, but I’m pretty happy (and a bit relieved) that Dave shares the same last initial as me.

Sartorial Summary
Top: J.Crew Factory Store // Shorts: Old Navy // Necklace: c/o Wendy Mink Jewelry // Clutch: c/o Marley Lilly

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Look forward to summer with this striped swimsuit from Old Navy. With its flattering cut and strategically placed stripes, I don’t think it’ll be available for much longer.

#sartorial steal#old navy#yellow#swim
Look forward to summer with this striped swimsuit from Old Navy. With its flattering cut and strategically placed stripes, I don’t think it’ll be available for much longer.

After a lazy Sunday together, we decided to exchange Valentine gifts early instead of waiting another two days. We celebrated again last night with little indulgences: a bottle of champagne, dinner at my guilty-pleasure restaurant, a sit-com lineup and conversation hearts. 

{ Sartorial Summary: Sweater - J.Crew; Skirt - Old Navy; Earrings - J.Crew; Shoes - Kate Spade }