No Boot!


It’s the first full day I can go without the boot! When I first slipped on sneakers yesterday afternoon and took a step forward, it felt like I was stumbling into a hole. I had gotten used to the thickness of the boot and expected my foot to land much earlier! The transition back to walking normally is going to be a challenge. My muscles atrophied while I was using crutches for five weeks and I’m only now beginning to regain some of my strength and balance. I feel wobbly, my foot is sore, and I’m limping. But, I’m in sneakers! We’re heading downtown for dinner tonight to celebrate the removal of the Aircast and then to Louisville this weekend for a short summer road trip (we’re staying at 21c!).

Rachel-Zoe-Romper-Converse-Sneakers-1Rachel-Zoe-Romper-Converse-Sneakers-4 Rachel-Zoe-Romper-Converse-Sneakers-5 Rachel-Zoe-Romper-Converse-Sneakers-6 Rachel-Zoe-Romper-Converse-Sneakers-7
Romper: Rachel Zoe (old, also love this and this) | Shoes: Jack Purcell | Necklace: c/o Gerard Yosca | Ring: c/o Julie Vos (on sale!) | Bracelet: Hermes | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff c/o Shopbop | Sunglasses: Karen Walker c/o Shopbop


The Weekend Guide


If you need another reason to add Italy to your must-visit list, you can now wander around the world’s largest maze.

Add a tiny embroidered design to your Instagrams to make them even more special.

Europe has been in the news quite a bit this summer. Read these tips before boarding your transatlantic flight.

Ten truths about money. (Thanks to Rachelle for linking to it last week!)

This article ponders the reasons we still love Gilmore Girls, even though it has been off the air for eight years. I’m thinking of starting the series from the beginning just so I can listen to the Gilmore Guys podcast with the episodes still fresh in my mind.

Put that summer produce to good use with this raspberry rhubarb tart. Although, if you’re afraid of bears, you might be better off with a classic strawberry rhubarb pie.


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Five Under $55



The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is officially open to the public! In yesterday’s post, I shared my favorite not-so-budget-friendly pieces, but there is one item under $55 that I’m smitten with: this striped sweater dress. It looks like such a cozy piece for a transatlantic flight or a weekend road trip. Pair it with comfortable sneakers and a tote that doubles as an overnight bag.

Best of The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale



Alright, I’m following the sage advice offered in yesterday’s post and I’m planning to return the Tory Burch purse. As much as I wanted to fall madly in love with it, there was something I just wasn’t sold on. I can’t pinpoint it, but I know there’s a girl out there who is going to wear it more than I ever would. Now, if only I could follow that mature, money-saving advice for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, which opens to the public tomorrow. Get your trigger finger ready, ladies, because there are tons of beautiful fall pieces to add to your wardrobes.

My favorite piece from the sale is this bouclé fit-and-flare dress from Theory. Wear it at the end of summer with a pair of loafers (I just snagged these) or layer a pretty silk blouse underneath for cooler days.

For those of you committed to ’70s-inspired trends, try this burnt orange suede a-line mini skirt.

For those who can only afford one thing from the sale, don’t hesitate to buy this DVF clutch. Mine is in a slightly different texture, but it’s one of the most elegant and timeless pieces I own. It also holds a surprising amount–a nice feature in a clutch.

And for those too antsy to wait for tomorrow, buy this gorgeous maxi. I don’t care if you don’t have a place to wear it. You will eventually.

We’re going to Louisville next weekend, a slightly impromptu road trip to celebrate the removal of my Aircast, and my fingers are crossed that this cute sundress arrives in time. I also ordered simple white sneakers to pair with the rest of my summer dresses since I won’t be able to wear sandals for another month. You can’t imagine how difficult it is to find simple white leather sneakers that don’t look too athletic. The athleisure trend was never my thing.


To Keep or Not To Keep?


To keep or not to keep? Undoubtedly, that’s the single question that plagues us whenever we order something that juuust about meets expectations upon arrival. For me, I’m going back and forth on this Tory Burch purse.

On one hand, there are the pros:

  • It’s made of Saffiano leather, which is stain- and scratch-resistant and repels water.
  • The color is beautiful.
  • It’s roomy and even fits my camera if I’m not planning to bring much else along for the day.
  • It has a classic, ladylike shape.
  • I can see myself tucking it away in my closet after the initial wear and falling madly in love with it again a few years later.
  • I got an incredible deal on it ($227, down from $465).
  • It would transition well to cooler months with camel, burgundy, and navy. It also looks good with my emerald winter coat.
  • I tend to buy a new bag and wear it all of the time. It’d be nice to shake things up.

On the other hand, the cons:

  • It’s a little bulky when used as a crossbody bag.
  • The chain is stiff.
  • I don’t have the “oh my goodness, I need to wear this now” feeling, which is usually my litmus test for new purchases.
  • I should probably put that money toward something responsible, like travel. Or, you know, my IRA.
  • It’s not quite as vibrant as it appeared in the stock images (or even as vibrant as it appears here).
  • I don’t need another handbag.

I really don’t know what to do about this one. The money isn’t the issue here. I gave myself an arbitrary $250 per month limit, but going over for this wouldn’t break the bank. I just can’t decide if I should keep this since I’m about 90% sold on it or if I should return it and wait for something that I can’t live without. What would you do? What’s your love it or leave it criteria?