The Weekend Guide

The Weekend Guide 01.29.16

I’ve never been to New Orleans, but this three-day guide is making a beignet-filled trip to Louisiana awfully tempting.

The heart cutouts make this strawberry balsamic slab pie perfect for Valentine’s Day dessert. (Use a small heart cookie cutter to make the pie design easier.)

Alissa’s recent post on looking stylish while gaining weight is a poignant reminder that we should all love our bodies no matter the size.

These oversize earrings are ah-mazing. Take inspiration from ’60s sweatheart Twiggy and pair the mod flowers with a tent dress and low block heels. (Save 25% on your full-price purchase at BaubleBar with code HEART25.)

Unfortunately, we live in a society where throwing away items that have reached the end of their life cycle is the norm. Ikea wants to change that. The retailer is exploring ways to extend the life of its furniture and recycle old pieces.

Fifty-seven years after her debut, Barbie is getting a makeover.


Five Under $55

umbrella, $34 (also comes in a flamingo print) | earrings, $8.40* | espadrilles, $55 | nail polish, $27 | dress, $30

*Be sure to check for Kohl’s discounts before you shop. There’s usually a coupon to help save money!

Mini Moments: January 2016

Mini Moments January 2016

I can’t believe we’re already through the first month of 2016! I don’t really get out much in the middle of winter, but there are a few mini moments worth reminiscing about:

  • Playful stripes kept a monochromatic look from being too boring. (The cape is still available in medium/large and it’s on sale.)
  • Grocery store blooms are one of my favorite indulgences. Bouquets of tulips (my favorite flower) must mean that spring is on its way!
  • I managed to stay on budget with the first shopping recap of the new year. A $200 Visa gift card from work allowed me to take home that Tory Burch beauty for virtually nothing. It’s been popping back on the Tory Burch site in various colors. Keep an eye on it here.
  • I go through my jewelry collection each spring to reorganize messy piles and rediscover old favorites. I’ll do a post on my organization technique soon, but I will say that stackable clear plastic trays (sort of like this) are lifesavers.
  • One of my coworkers brought back chocolates from a recent jaunt to Italy.
  • We booked a trip to Denmark and Belgium! While we visited Belgium in 2014, we’re beyond excited to go back to Brussels to restock our beer supply and head out on day trips to cities we didn’t visit the first time around. However, we’re definitely going back to Bruges for a day. The city looks like it’s straight from a fairy tale.
  • I was given the opportunity to try out some products from The Laundress. I’m going to do a full review in a couple of days, but let me tell you that their Signature Detergent is a total game changer. I always buy white sheets, but didn’t realize that they weren’t living up to their full potential with Tide until I used The Laundress product. The sheets have never been this bright since I purchased them. You can try their products out with a FREE $25 voucher. All you need to do is post a laundry day Instagram with #IamTheLaundress and then fill out this form.
  • My beloved faux fur coat is available for an even deeper discount! It runs true to size.
  • Kate Spade’s latest book is all kinds of adorable.

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Budget Update: January 2016

Tory Burch Brody Satchel
2016 is off to a good start sartorially. This month’s purchases are a mix of classic and fun pieces that work well with my existing wardrobe. The faux fur coat was a splurge, but I kept clicking to the Nordstrom site to daydream about it every single day for two weeks. I figured if I was that interested in it, I should at least try it on! Of course I kept it.

We booked an April trip to Denmark and Belgium, so I’m planning to use the remaining balance of this season’s budget on a couple of versatile items for the trip: a trench coat (love the detachable lining and hood on this one, but I can’t decide between khaki and navy) and a pair of comfortable loafers for walking (maybe these). I’d also like to add a couple of dresses to my travel wardrobe that I can wear a couple of times over the two-week period. I’m particularly interested in this dress. It looks like it could be amazingly versatile with a trench, flats, and statement pendants.

In other news, I looked at additional ways to save money throughout the year. I’m using MyFitnessPal to count calories and cancelled my Weight Watcher subscription, saving $240 annually. I also shopped around for auto and renter’s insurance and left Geico for Progressive to save $430 annually. I received $112 back in prorated refunds from Geico, which covered most of the renter’s insurance with Progressive for the year.

Winter Budget (Dec. – Feb.): $750
Spent in Dec.: $154.5
Spent in Jan.: $257.75
Amount Remaining: $337.75

See all of the year’s wardrobe additions here.

  • J.Crew drapey beach pant ($36): When I first spotted these palazzo pants on J.Crew’s website, I knew I had to purchase them before they sold out. They’re intended for beach wear, but they’re also pretty cute with a loose cami, oversize pendant, and sandals. (Summer, where art thou?)
  • Topshop v-neck camisole in navy ($28): Earlier this month, we toyed with the idea of booking a last-minute jaunt to Florida. Since I had already purchased the beach pants, I added the camisole to my wardrobe for a breezy ensemble. We obviously put Florida on the back burner in favor of Europe, but this cami is staying in my closet. It’s a lovely layering piece. You’ll have to go up at least one size.
  • Tory Burch “Brody” small satchel in light oak ($8.25): For being on the small side, this satchel is incredibly roomy. It has more than enough room for my DSLR, a Kindle, full-size wallet, phone, and other small daily must-haves (ahem, lipstick). I have a feeling that this is going to be perfect for traveling. I can fit all of my in-flight essentials inside and stow it away under the seat in front of me with ample foot room. The leather is incredibly soft and the bag is lightweight. (I received a $200 Visa gift card for the holidays and put it toward the bag.)
  • Gorjana “Ryder” lariat necklace ($22.50): I considered purchasing this lariat at full price a few months ago and was delighted to see it made it to Gorjana’s end-of-season sale for a fraction of the price. It’s a flirty piece to wear with a v-neck cami or a button-down shirt. (I had a $10 credit, which basically took care of the shipping cost.)
  • Eliza J faux fur coat in navy ($150): I’m such a fan of this coat (worn here). It’s a convincing replica of real fur and warm enough for the subzero temperatures we experienced last week. It runs true to size. It also has a bright, floral lining, which was a lovely surprise.
  • H&M striped long-sleeve tee ($13): This is my least exciting purchase of the month only because it’s a necessary staple. My old striped long-sleeve tops are starting to show their age and I need a few more to replace them with. This one runs small, but is stretchy enough that it doesn’t lose its shape during the day.

Things I tried and didn’t love: 

  • H&M flared blouse: I daydreamed about this for a couple of weeks before dragging myself to the mall to try it on. The fabric was ultra soft, but the cut was terrible. Drop shoulders and a wide torso don’t make for a flattering top. It’s also kind of short for being so loose. Pass.

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