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1. Kate Spade, $40 // 2. Reed & Barton, $125 // 3. Notte by Marchesa, $250 // 4. Topshop, $110 // 5. Lulu Frost for J.Crew, $115 // 6. Williams-Sonoma, $120, set of four // 7. Bauble Bar, $78

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Giveaway Reminders:

Congratulations to Nicole H., winner of the Sequin giveaway! I’ll send you an email shortly. Thank you to everyone for entering and continuing to support Bedknobs & Baubles.

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Currently Coveting

Right now, I’m coveting:

Reminder! Win a pair of bangle bracelets from Sequin!

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Currently Coveting

Right now, I’m coveting:

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Cocktail Countdown

Ring in the new year with a cocktail countdown! Five drinks in one night might be a little ambitious. I’d rather start with one today and work through the list one day at a time, ending on New Year’s Day. It’s a festive way to celebrate without the risk of detox.

5. Rosemary Gin Fizz - A sparkly drink that takes minutes to make and packs a punch

4. In the Pink - A blend of grapefruit, pomegranate and a generous splash of vodka (make this one ahead of time and keep it in a pitcher)

3. Bakewell Sour - A cherry-laden dessert drink

2. Bittersweet Negroni - A kumquat garnish adds an unexpected twist to a classic concoction

1. Cans of Sofia - If you make it this far, you’ll appreciate the ease of opening a can of bubbly


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The List: December 2012

This month, I’m loving: 

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Inspire It | Wear It

Four things contribute to a satisfying holiday season: gatherings of loved ones, gobs of glittery ornaments, glasses filled with holiday spirits, and, of course, a fabulous frock is a must! The new-to-me site, MissesDressy, has cocktail dresses in every shape and sequin color imaginable (and prom dresses to suggest to the younger ladies this spring). 

I’m one click away from ordering those glamorous cocktail picks. They’ll look divine on the bar cart I have yet to acquire.

Shop It: Kate Spade ornament // cocktail picks // Zara Home glass // MissesDressy dress // Bijoux Heart earrings // Gianvito Rossi shoes

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Weekend Snapshots

Weekend Snapshots:

  1. A fallen leaf makes for a pretty color combo in the pool
  2. Sipping on a Singapore Sling - it’s time for classic cocktails to make a comeback
  3. A waxy bottle cap from New Glarus’ Wisconsin Belgian Red - there’s over a pound of cherries in each bottle and I’m sure it would make an excellent float with vanilla ice cream
  4. We went to see Ted on Friday night. It wasn’t very good. If you watched the trailer, then you saw all of the funny scenes.
  5. Friday afternoon floating in the pool - we were the only two there for hours

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Sipping: Strawberry-Infused Vodka

Making infused vodka had been on our summer to-do list for over a year and I’m not really sure why we dawdled for so long. (Maybe I’m just too impatient for a cocktail?) It was incredibly easy and well worth the wait.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Fill a large Mason jar with your berry of choice (other fruits and peppers will also work). Make sure it’s ripe and take off any part of the fruit you wouldn’t normally eat (pits, stems, etc.).
  2. Add vodka (or gin or clear rum or whatever else your heart desires). We used Tito’s vodka.
  3. Seal it and stick it in the fridge for a couple of weeks. We shook ours every few days to mix it.
  4. Give it a taste. If you like the intensity, strain it and store in the fridge.
  5. Enjoy!

We kept it simple and mixed our concoction with 7Up. The lemon-lime soda added sweetness to the infused vodka without overshadowing the strawberry flavor. Next up: Blackberry vodka? Jalapeno tequila? Cherry rum?

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Cocktail Hour


We’re on our way to Louisville for Memorial Day weekend! I’ve never been to Kentucky and I’m looking forward to quirky roadside attractions, Churchill Downs, mint juleps, Mammoth Cave, the Urban Bourbon Trail and a Hot Brown sandwich.

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